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  Accept All Friend Requests With A Single Click.  

A player recently sent me this bookmarklet javascript code that allows you to accept all your friend help requests with a single click.


Drag the image below to your bookmarks toolbar.

To use it, simply

1. EXPAND ALL your friend requests by clicking on "See more friend requests",

2. then click on the bookmark in your bookmarks toolbar and watch them all disappear.

Please be aware: Technically this script could be argued to fall into the category of an auto-clicker which as such would be illegal use of the game according to the Terms Of Use Claus below.

"Cheat or use, develop or distribute automation software programs ("bots"), "macro" software programs or other "cheat utility" software program or applications which are designed to modify the Playdom experienceto the detriment of fair play;"

However since it's neither cheating nor detrimental to fair play that would be a stretch. However, it is up to you to interpret what your will.


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