Gardens Of Time Tips From TrevorG


  Beware Of Tabs.  
  As you will read in the "Storing Your Time Machine" section, you can trick game by opening multiple game sessions in more than one tab in your browser.

However, IT IS EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to remember that you can also mess up your game by accidentally running it in multiple tabs.

Each tab will quickly get out of synchronization with the others and you can loose buildings, energy, crystals, gold, and even reset your tournament point counter etc if you accidentally switch between tabs.

Further, having the game running in multiple tabs significantly affects the game performance.

It is also VERY EASY to accidentally do this.

For example, if you click on a forum article it will open in a new tab. At that point it is just TOO EASY to click on the big green "Play Gardens of Time" button. This will start a new garden session in the new tab.

Always check your browser tabs bar and make sure there is only one game session running.

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