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  Bouncing Energy.  
  One of the most frustrating things about GoT is not being able to play scenes because you are out of energy. The ways to get energy are fairly well known but the MOST important one is lost to most players because they don't know about bouncing energy.

What is bouncing energy. Well more accurately it should be called bouncing free gifts, but, since energy is the most valuable gift you can ever send, I will use the term bouncing Energy.

Unbeknown to many, the free gifting system allows you to pass a gift back and forward to a friend all day. That is, the apparent restriction of only being able to free gift to a friend once per 24 hours can be circumvented if you gift correctly.

With only a few actively playing friends you should NEVER be out of energy.

How does this work?

Currently when you click on the Reciprocate buttons the program checks to see if you have ANY pending gifts to send, but not if you already sent to a particular friend.

The trick to bouncing then is to never let your gifting TO list empty.

There are a few simple rules to follow in order to do this.

1. Always leave some names in the free gifting list.

When you click on the Send Free Gifts button from your message center

and have selected the gift to send, the gifting TO list appears as shown below.

MOST people click the SEND TO ALL FRIENDS button. This is a bit NO-NO. Doing so will clear the TO list and bouncing will terminate.

Instead take the time to only click some of the friends, preferably the people you know are currently on line and playing. Regardless, ALWAYS leave three or more unchecked. Then click send.

2. Test First

Before you start reciprocating gifts test first to see if your TO list is empty. Click on the send button...

If you are prompted to Add Friends, then DO NOT reciprocate anything. Either wait till something is added to the list according to the gift timers, or get a new friend to force it open.

3. Always accept and reciprocate gifts individually.

Ok this causes arguments, since YES you can click the Accept & Reciprocate All button and continue to bounce energy.

HOWEVER, GoT being what it is, occasionally this button fails. Not only do you lose all the energy and other gifts listed, but you also break the bouncing chain with all the friends listed.

It is simply safer to individually respond to each gift. Occasionally, it will break the chain for the particular friend, but better that than everyone.

Further, you can control just how much energy is in your energy bar so you dont go over the 60 limit, or you can keep it at the minimum of 10 when you are close to leveling up.

4. Beware of The Dreaded Gifting Popup


In April 2012 GoT, in it's wisdom, again decided the players are morons and need another popup to remind them to do the stuff they were doing already.

They added the above gifting popup that shows on game load and periodically after that.

If it pops up while you are in the middle of reciprocating a gift, that gift gets lost and the chain broken.

BE AWARE! When you refresh the game, DO NOT start reciprocating gifts till after this thing appears and you have dismissed it.


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