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  How To Change Guilds.  
  Since gold is the most sought after resource in the game, after crystals i suppose, most players will routinely change guild in order to join the winning team in a Gold Tournament.

NOTE: You can only change guilds once every 120 minutes. (2 hours)

In order to change guilds look at the menu bar above the game and click on the Guilds button.

This will take you to a new page showing your guilds leader board. At the top of that click on All Guilds.

This will change the page to show a menu of all 12 guilds. Find the guild you want to jump to and click on the Check It Out link.

A new page will open showing the leader board for that guild. On the left of this page click on the green "JOIN THIS GUILD" Button.

If successful, a popup will appear telling you that you have joined the new guild. If not, a different popup will appear telling you its not time yet. Unlike OTHER GoT features, the clock does not reset if you try too early, so you can keep trying till it works.

WRITE DOWN THE TIME YOU JUMPED, Or Click the Jump Button on GoTimers when you change guilds so you will know when you can change guilds again.

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