Gardens Of Time Tips From TrevorG


  Claiming Tournament Prizes, Especially Gold.  
  I cant guarantee all these will help, but they cant hurt.

1. Check your really where you think you are. If you think your playing in say Caps Versus Libra, but your header says your in Sags... Something is off. Log out and In again or close and reopen your browser till everything looks right.

2. When you near the end of the game... DONT REFRESH YOUR BROWSER. and stop clicking Let your computer settle down and synch with the server. If you have a pile of claims in process when the game ends things may get out of whack and the claim box may not drop.

3. When the game ends WAIT FOR THE CLAIM BOX TO DROP. Do nothing else...DO NOT REFRESH, CLICK ONLY A FEW BUT NOT OVER 30. Wait wait wait.

3.1 IF the box does not drop after waiting for a few minutes you may be out of luck. You can try refreshing.

3.2 When the claim box DOES drop...DO NOT CLICK CLAIM RIGHT AWAY... Wait 20 to 30 seconds. There can be a 1000 other ppl trying to claim at the same time. The internet / servers are not perfect. Things get lost or miss-directed. Let the load drop a little then claim.


Many times before when you thought you were clicking the original gold drop, you were actually catching the glitch if you had accumulated 30 pts and refreshed. That no longer happens so beware of refreshing too early. Click 30 and Refresh is no longer GOOD advice.

If you miss the drop and refresh too much, you can get to the point where the game thinks you just entered. That is, it's the same as if you came online a minute after the tourny ended....Nothing to claim.

Of course sometimes...its just messed up no matter WHAT you do!


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