Gardens Of Time Tips From TrevorG


  Tournament Clicking and Winning MVP.  
  I'd like to share with you the methods that I use that have gained me MVP on many an occasion.

First REALLY understand the obvious....

You have 60 minutes in a tournament and sixty seconds in a minute. 

That's 3600 Seconds....

Can u say..1001, 1002, 1003.... lots of time huh.

If u can maintain just ONE click a second, which I find really easy on a fast feed, that's 3600pts. 
The person that said more than 500pts and u must be cheating... just isn't trying.... or has a really bad hand eye coordination skills.

Personally I can maintain bursts of about 1.5 clicks on a bad day and 2.5 when I'm really awake. :shock: 

I use two techniques, or a combination of both, depending on the feed speed.

Slow feed Technique.

It's important to know that the feed is a little split. Not all claims show! If u refresh your browser you WILL see claims that were not there before. Use this to your, and your guild's, advantage.

NOTE: Clicking the same claim twice won't increase your score, but DOES appear to increase the guild score.

To be really fast you need...

1. A fast browser. I personally use google chrome but there are others.
2. To NOT get the 60s gold purchase popup. This thing is a PIA. Pay the buck.
3. Have your browser configuration options set to NOT start plug-ins automatically. 

The latter will stop the FLASH garden part of the game from loading. This significantly improves the load speed and stops the feed from stalling. Right click the garden to start it.

Then simply click all u can see from the BOTTOM up, repeat till clear, REFRESH..... REPEAT

Why from the bottom up? 

When you click from the top down, the thing you click "collapses" and everything below where you click moves up. This makes it a moving target that YOU CAUSED. Clicking from bottom up, your next target above will not move unless the feed refreshes.

Fast Feed Technique (GOLD and POST GOLD)

The trick to a fast feed is trying to maintain a steady pace of one or more clicks per second.

Again, having the FLASH game turned off helps performance.

DON'T CHASE... wait. 

Target where the second claim usually pops up in the feed. That is, rest the mouse there. When two claims appear click the second then try to hit the first. Then move the mouse back to your rest spot. If there is a long delay in the feed, try to hit more below, but go back to the your rest spot when it gets going regularly again. If only one claim appears..go for it.

With a little practice you can get rather focused and good at it. You can try for more than two, but you do have to be really fast. 

The trick is to synchronize with the feed refresh rate, and be back at your rest spot when the next feed refresh comes.

Sometimes you will get out of synch and will be clicking nothing. The trick here is DON'T PANIC. Stop! Settle down. Move the mouse back to your start location, wait for the next feed refresh, and start over. 

Also, DON'T get distracted. 

Understand that your getting a point or more a second. If it takes 10 seconds to gift, or say Hi {{TrevorG}}.. you just lost 10 or more points for you AND the guild.

Alternate Approach: Some say "starting" at the bottom of the feed is better because of the "collapse" reason mentioned earlier. Now this is true, however, understand that because of the nature of the feed there is no way to tell roughly where the next claim will appear when the feed refreshes. This means a little more reaction time and mouse movement, however, if your a fighter pilot and really fast, you may be able to tag three or even four claims per feed refresh.

One more benefit of turning off the FLASH. If u start the garden after you claim the prize. Presto it's there. You don't have to refresh.

Other speed factors. Close other apps that can stall the feed, like Windows mail, messenger, or any other application that performs background tasks on the fly.

USE TWO HANDS... Slow feed..Finger on F5 to feed. Page Up/Down Buttons


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