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  Crystal Chapters.  
  Crystal chapters may appear to be a distraction from the main quests , and in a way they are. However, they have one redeeming quality that makes them extremely appealing. The buildings you receive are comparatively easy to upgrade for high reputation.

High Rep Buildings in One Day

The great thing about the crystal chapter buildings is that they only require ONE material to be provided by friends. All other buildings require five materials and, since most players you can only request one material per day, take five days to upgrade to level five.

Remember now, that the limit of 10 that is applied to building materials ONLY MEANS you can only have 10 of that material in stock at any one time. IT DOES NOT MEAN you can only receive 10 in a day.

That is, if your actively playing and watching, and you use the material as SOON as it reaches the quantity you need, you WILL continue to receive more of that item as friends accept the pending requests.

If you have enough crystals, you can therefore get the building to level five ALL IN ONE DAY with a single help request.

AS is aid, this is the most important reason for doing crystal chapters.

How To Get Crystals.

You may have just read that and are saying, HA, that's all well and good, but how the hell do I get the 50 or so crystals do do that.

Crystals are found playing regular scenes. They are randomly dispersed throughout the game, though do seem more prevalent in paradox scenes for some reason.

Playing scenes over and over again WILL grant you crystals. All be it at a painfully slow rate. However, crystal chapters are, by design, long term chapters. They will appear and you will get enough if you play enough.

However, you can buy crystals with GOLD too. This is actually not that bad a deal for the reputation you gain from the buildings. However, buy them in bulk in the get more crystals feature, its more economical than using the Upgrade now for N Gold button.


HOWEVER, the key to crystal chapters is NOT to finish them till the very last day. If you finish it early you will no longer find any crystals. Find out what is the last step from friends, play up to but don't complete that step till the last day of the chapter.

Instead, carry on playing regular scenes banking up the crystals for the next edition of a crystal chapter. If you play enough you can stock up over  a hundred or even 200 crystals ready to start the next chapter.

If your new and don't have any, don't play the first crystal chapter, just stockpile crystals for the next one.

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