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  One day someone invaded the Sagittarius guild and blasted the feed and walls with comments regarding one member. The content of the comments were in badly written Spanish but were to the effect that said member had done something to put this persons wife in hospital. The term witch was used frequently. The sharpness of the comments and the fact that this individual chose to go directly to each member’s wall’s disturbed a lot of people.


Of course, there is a high probability that this person was just another Troll, out to cause as much havoc as possible, this does happen from time to time. If so they did a pretty good job.

However there is also a fair chance that this person was also quite sincere. Though the method he chose was quite inappropriate and counterproductive, there is the chance that he was some elderly, fairly illiterate, and extremely upset and worried gentleman whose wife had indeed been part of, or witnessed, some conversation in the feed that did indeed tip her over some physical or psychological edge that resulted in her hospitalization. Personally, I tried to reach out to the man before he was cut off. His last statement was ”nobody understands”, so it left me wondering.


At this time there is no way to tell for sure. 

Regardless, what’s done is done, and if the story behind his attacks was true, then he and especially his wife have my prayers.



We each come here to Playdom to play the game for our own reasons. For many it is in some part to escape the stresses of life or loneliness or other daily trial. We interact daily with dozens of people and many more sit back and watch and hardly ever say a thing. 

We assume, by human nature, that each other person is reasonable and stable. 

But truth be told, there are always those amongst us that live at the tipping point.

You have no way to tell if who you are talking to, or someone that is listening to you argue, already has that bottle of drugs open… or has some blood clot just hanging on in an artery just waiting for the right blood pressure to release it into the brain or the heart. 

That sounds extreme doesn't it? 

But it’s not.

Probability says, especially with the age demographic of the Playdom users, that at least one of the people in your Guild right now does indeed suffer from depression or has blood pressure and circulation issues.

So PLEASE be watch full. 

Always be mindful that, intentionally or not, what you say and do on the feed can have devastating, and potentially fatal, effects on others.

Share the sun :D … not the clouds. :( :oops: :x :(

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