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  Friends List and Mass Unfriending.  
  Managing friends is rather painful in Got. Here are a few tips to make it easier.

Accessing Hidden Friend Pages.

when you go to your friends tab, scroll down the list to get to the next "100" (or less), and click on the link.

When the second 100 or less appear, look up to the web address in your browsers address bar.

You will see something like the address below.... ... riends?0=2

Delete the 2 at the end of the address and change it to 3 (you may need to change it to 4 or 5 or 6 - ...)  and hit Enter. ... riends?0=3 ... riends?0=4 ... riends?0=5

The page should reload showing you the next, hidden, page of friends.

Supposedly, what happens is that every time you click on Add Friends, even though you are at 200 friends, they "store" up on other pages awaiting the moment that you delete friends.

Unfriending multiple people on a page.

1. Press and hold down the ESC key.
2. Click on "unfriend" on each player you want to remove.
3. Release the ESC key on the last one you want to "unfriend".

you should be able to do them a page at a time this way.

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