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Frozen Garden Issue (May 2012)
  Many seem to be getting the frozen garden issue, in that the garden is greyed out as if a popup is showing but it isn't.

(Too many pop-ups Playdom?)

This seems to work for me most of the time.

1. Refresh the garden,

2. If the gifting screen comes up click the Play Tab before the send gift popup shows.

3. When the gift popup shows do nothing..wait till you see the newspaper appear behind it.

4. If newspaper does not appear repeat above as many times as it takes.

5. When news paper appears, close gifting popup and click on the newspaper to go to chapter 38.

6. Play a scene if u can.

Issue appears to be related to a bug in the message center popup loading routine. This can be confirmed in that once you have the garden open, if u see a message count > 0 and click the message center icon above the neighbor bar, it immediately locks up.

Hope this helps..good luck. TrevorG,

PS: Temporarily clearing your wish list may help if you get to clear your incoming wish list gifts.

The following is a repost from sunnyseashore

If Victorian Newspaper popup does NOT appear for you automatically,as described in Opening Post, here's is the "catch me quick" method to access a scene to play. Think of it as a new game within the game!

1. Refresh (come in thru Dashboard is good enuf).
2. Immediately click the Play Tab (do not wait for any popups)
3. Immediately, when the Send Free Gifts popup appears, close it.
4. Immediately, click the Victorian Newpaper icon on your right OR click the Adventures icon (small Time Machine) on your left. You will only have about one second to do this before the garden freezes. If you miss your chance, repeat all steps again, until you "catch" one of the icons working. Be quick!
5. In Adventures, scroll to find a scene you want to play. Or, in Newspaper, enter chapter options via Parisian Painter or new Chapter 38 OR simply choose a free scene (Bounty or Once Upon A Time).
6. Play one scene, and garden will unfreeze. 

How to Keep Your Garden from Freezing again

If you have unfrozen your garden, here are some suggestions for keeping it from freezing again, until PD gets this problem fixed:
1. Empty all items from your Wish List and leave it empty. 
2. Do NOT click on White Envelope.
3. Do NOT visit Neighbours' Gardens. 
4. Do NOT give Wish List items to Neighbours.
5. Do NOT refresh. If you must refresh, you likely will need to unfreeze your garden again.
6. Keep a popup running on top of your garden when you are not working in the garden. If you use the Newspaper popup for this, then you will always have access to play a scene if you want to be sure to get into your garden. (Some people say they can prevent freezing by leaving their garden in Build/Inventory Mode but I find the Active Popup works better for me.)
7. Empty your Message Center—when no wishlist items are waiting to be collected, the White Envelope Icon will show a total of 0. If yours shows a number instead of 0, follow the instructions at the bottom of this post to remove the items.
8. In your garden, turn off High Quality animation in Flash. (Go to top right corner of garden, hover over the Wrench icon, click on the Eye icon and turn High Quality off.)
9. In your browser , choose to allow all popups.
10. Make sure you are running the version of Flash recommended for your browser/computer. 
11. Clear caches on both your Browser and Flash (PD considers this routine maintenance and they suggest you do this frequently when playing GoT.) 

Let’s hope PD has this problem fixed soon!

How to Empty your “White Envelope” (Message Center)

If your White Envelope (Message Center icon) has a number in it instead of 0, then the Message Center popup may be one of the biggest reasons that your garden is freezing. If you can reduce the number to 0, then all your popups should work properly, and you will have less freezing.

First you will need to get into the Message Center. You can do this by refreshing repeatedly until you see the Message Center popup. OR you can force it to appear by using the “Catch Me Quick” method outlined at the bottom of this post.

Once you have the Message Center popup in front of you do this:
A. Find the Refresh button and click it. It is a small circle with two curved arrows in it, found beside the Question Mark in the top right corner of the popup. 
B. Click the button and you should get a list showing your Collection Items waiting to be accepted. 
C. Click "Accept and Send" for each item.
D. This will clear the list, and the Send Free Gifts button should appear in the middle of the popup. 
E. You can send a gift or just close the popup. Now the White Envelope icon should show a total of 0. And now your popups should work better and produce l

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