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  My garden is full..What do i do now?  
  Every player gets to the point where all the squares are used up in their garden and they feel that they are stuck and can't get any more reputation. You may still be able to expand, if you have the silver, and of course you can continue to upgrade building, but this takes forever so what do you do?

Basically it's time to start cramming your garden.

You need to start looking at what's in your garden, find the lowest reputation items, store or sell them, and replace them with something of much higher value.

Get rid of excess paths first. These give you no rep at all. Remember though, to always keep that double wide section of path at your gate or you will not receive any visitors and your walkers wont appear.

Once you have run out of paths start ditching decorations. Trees and flowers are pretty but are worth very little reputation.

Then you can start with the buildings and other objects.


A 2x2 building which indicates 2,700 Reputation value is really only 300 Rep per square. Not much compared to nine of the highest single square item currently available to you. If you look at some of your high level neighbors, you will often see hundreds of a single item, ostriches in particular. That's why, ostriches are currently the highest rep item silver will buy.

Should you sell of should you store?

There are differences of opinion on this question. Personally I generally sell things that I did not buy with gold or have not yet upgraded since, later in the game, silver is much easier to accumulate and i can easily buy it again. However, be aware, you can get caught out if a quest asks you to have or upgrade one later. You can however keep 4000 things in inventory so you may prefer to keep the lot since the sell price is very low.

Unfortunately, your garden will eventually look horrible. But, once your rep is REALLY high, you can take out the high rep stuff and redesign a really pretty garden. The game remembers your highest attained reputation.

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