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  How to post a picture to the forum.  
  You have seen pictures in the forum articles and have figured out how to add a new topic. But there does not seem to be a way to add pictures. How do you post a picture?

Originally posted by Apgr1976

Find a site where you can upload your image (e.g., choose the preferred size and upload it.

Then, you copy the DIRECT LINK given, which is like into your clipboard.

In your new forum post click the button marked Img.

Now paste the link you copied earlier between [img] and [/img] bookmarks.

After you do this, always preview your post before you submit it, in case the picture was too big and it doesn't fit in your post. In this case you can upload it again, choosing a smaller size and repeat all the steps written above.

If you are satisfied with the size of your picture, submit your post and you are done!


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