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  How To Win Gold and Other Tournaments.  
  There are a few basics that everyone should know when participating in a gold tournament. OF course, if everyone does all of the following, it wont help you win but it might help you not loose so quickly.

Probably the MOST important thing is to get and maintain a LEAD in the first five minutes:

If your guild is ahead, jumpers will come. And the more jumpers you get, the more scenes are being played and the more clicks you'll have...hence, more points.

Pay ATTENTION at the start:

Many a tournament is lost because people are too busy chatting and don't even notice that a gold tournament has started. I have seen it go a full four minutes before anyone said "OMG GOLD". By then of course.... it was already over.

Play Scenes and SHARE:

Each scene is worth five points to you, but it can, potentially, be worth a HUNDRED points or more to your guild depending upon how many players you have clicking on that one scene.


If you have the energy and can master a scene that you can complete in just a few seconds, keep doing that same scene, over and over. This generates LOTS of points for the guild.

Create other "Clickables":

Try to save quests for gold tournaments because each quest that you share can generate just as many points as a shared scene.

"Request Energy" from the top energy bar when my energy gets below 30...even if you don't NEED another Energy Can. But remember...only one request per hour. Otherwise, it will show up as a "Buy Energy" (which practically NOBODY will do, because it costs gold).

If you have those blue complete flags on some buildings that will unlock another scene, wait till the new hour to click on them and remember to share the news.

Change Clothes:

Once per tournament you get to change clothes for a clickable point. But be smart about it. Have the wardrobe open in a different browser tab from the game. Then simply change tabs, click save on the wardrobe (U don't actually have to change), then click on the original game browser tab. You can do this in under two seconds.

(To open wardrobe in a different tab, right click on "Change my outfit" and select the new tab option from the menu that appears.)

Hold Your Expansion:

Expanding is worth 50 points. If your ready to expand, and have the silver, wait till the start of a gold tournament to do it.

Cancel Other Notice Pop-ups:

"Sharing" your accomplishment when you complete a collection does no good, because there's nothing to click on. It just fills up the feed.

Similarly, notifying that you have changed your wish list just wastes space and nobody has time to read it.

3. STOP the Chat:

Although this is a "social game" and that's why many people are here, if you're playing for gold, chatting will fill up the feed and the "clickables" (which generate POINTS) go by too fast.

Coming in and saying hi often generates 20 responses back. Although pleasant, it can wait till after the tournament.

The very WORST thing you can do is start, or participate in, an argument. ESPECIALLY if you tell someone to "stop chatting". That will SURELY fill up the feed with, "Don't tell me what to do!", etc. The best thing you can do if an argument starts is stay OUT OF IT.

Be a silent clicker. (And that doesn't mean post a ! to let everyone know you're there.) That way, you are the best asset to your team. Anyone who's paying attention can see that you're contributing by how many of your "Claims" show up in the feed. Remember to click too though.

4. Whenever possible, save your energy for gold tournaments.

If it's getting to the top of the hour, save your energy and wait to do scenes in the next hour. That way, in the first 5-10 minutes, you can potentially do more scenes for the gold.

Prime a Scene:

At two minutes to the hour before any tournament starts, do a scene but when it gives you the score and asks you to share, STOP. Leave the game in that state till you see the tournament timer change to 59, then share. If many of you do that it immediately creates a LOT of claims to click on and gives your guild a jump start.

Be a good clicker:

When you have no energy, no gifts pending, and no other way to get it. BE A GOOD CLICKER. Tips for good clicking is covered more fully in tip Tournament Clicking and Winning MVP.

Giving Bought Gifts:

Ok this one is controversial. Many many players advocate buying gifts with silver for other players as a way to bolster the points. Although this is true, the returns are not that great. At best, if u had the resources, you can only gift 120 times in an hour, however, this creates NO CLAIMS for anyone else, and takes an inordinate amount of time.

It makes absolutely NO sense in a non-Gold tournament, since the cost in silver is vastly more than the return of the prize.

It also takes a number of seconds to go through the motions of giving a gift for that one point. Think about how many clicks you could have done in that time.

The time REALLY is better spent clicking and bouncing energy if you can so you can play scenes and provide far more points by producing claims.

5. IGNORE any TROLLS: Trolls are people who intentionally post negative remarks and start fights. Their primary "purpose in life" is to evoke a response. If they're successful, the feed will fill up with angry retorts. And that will impede your chances of winning! Remember the admonishment, "Don't Feed The Troll". Again, being a silent clicker, in spite of anything you might read as it flies by, is your best strategy. If you have something to say, save it for AFTER the gold is WON.

Bottom Line: Prepare Before The Start Of A Tournament, Create Claims WHENEVER you can. Stop chatting, and click like CRAZY!

(Some of the  above was originally Posted by wordsmithalpha)

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