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  How To Get Energy.  
  This is the most often asked question by new users. It stems from the most frustrating thing about the game. Being stuck with no energy.

There are seven methods to get energy. Used correctly you should never be out of energy for more than a few minutes at a time.

1. The Energy Timer.

You receive one energy every three minutes according to the game energy timer. That is, it takes 30 minutes to receive enough energy to play one scene.

You may receive a maximum of 60 energy from the timer. After three hours the energy bar is full. It is therefore prudent to play at least once every three hours just to burn off the timer energy.

2. The Get More Button.

When you have less than 30 energy in your energy bar, a green button appears beneath it "Get More".

What this button does is allow you to ask friends to help you get more energy. How it works is a little more confusing for the new user.

The key to this button is to never click it less than 60 minutes from the last time you clicked it.

If you do this then the request sent to the feed asks friends to "Help You". When the first player clicks on this you a receive a can of 5 Energy in your inventory although you will not see it till you refresh your game. You can collect many of these cans of energy but may only use 10 or them per 24 hour period.

If you click the green button in less than 60 minutes, a purchase request is sent to the feed and the timer resets to another 60 minutes. Nobody except perhaps a complete newbie or your spouse will buy you energy with gold.

NOTE: The get more button brings up the same popup that shows at the end of a scene. HOWEVER. The popup at the end of a scene has NEVER Worked. Close it and click the green button.

3. Level Up

When you level up in the game, the energy bar is reset to 60 energy.

Caution is advised here. When you are close to leveling up you  want a minimum amount of energy in the energy bar so you don't waste it. You REALLY don't want to have just accepted 100 energy from friends then level up or u loose all of it.

If you are close to leveling up, and have a LOT of energy in the bar, replay low level scenes that give less experience.

If you are close to levelling up and don't have any energy but do have silver, sometimes planting a few trees or starting a high experience building can force the level up and get you 60 energy.

4. Use your Daily 20 visit energy bonuses.

Once per 24 hours you may visit up to 20 neighbors and receive one energy bonus per visit. Visiting low level neighbors is a fast way to get 20 energy.

5. Drop Gifts In Neighbors Gardens.

Each time you drop a gift in a neighbors garden you receive a bonus. In about one in three drops, you get one shot of energy. You may drop gifts in every neighbor's garden once per 24hours.

This is time consuming, especially in high level neighbors gardens but can provide over two or three hundred energy if you have enough neighbors.

6. Free Energy Gifts & Bouncing Energy

You can send, and will receive free gifts from your friends. The most important and valuable gift you can EVER send or receive is energy. Indeed, do not be surprised if you are unceremoniously unfriended for sending anything other than energy.

When you receive energy from the messages it goes straight to your energy bar, though you will have to refresh the game or play a scene to see it appear.

The game maker intended that you should only be able to send gifts to any particular friend once per 24 hours, however, because of a loop hole in the way the game works you can actually bounce energy back and forwards to educated friends, and YOURSELF, all day.

Bouncing is BY FAR the best method to get energy.

7. Buy it with gold.

Yes you can buy energy with gold. But it's simply too expensive. There are easier ways to get energy as described above.


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