Gardens Of Time Tips From TrevorG


  Maximizing Sales.  
  There is a glitch in the way the sell inventory items works that you can use to sell large quantities of items more than once.

As I am sure you are aware you can sell items in blocks of up to 100 at a time. (And by the way, you can type in the number if you click on it.)

You will probably also have noticed when you do sell a large quantity of an item it takes quite a number of seconds for the sale to go through. That is, the silver counter does not increase and total of the item does not decrease till a considerable time later.

Here is the glitch. During that time, if your quick enough, you can sell the same items again.

As soon as you click on the green Sell Button, click again on the coin button under the item, type in a new number and hit sell again.

If you are quick enough to do it before the first sale completes you will get way more silver than you originally expected.

If you are REALLY quick you may even be able to repeat this several times before it doesn't let you sell any more.

PLEASE NOTE: There is some question of whether PD is aware of this glitch, so lets not discuss it in PD land please.

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