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  The Tournament Claim Box Didn't Drop. Now What?  
  Quite often at the end of a tournament, despite winning, the prize claim box doesn't drop, or become visible. What should you do.

This is caused by a server timing issue. The simple answer is do anything that causes the server to repost the feed.

Options include.

1. Refresh your browser (Hit F5 if your browser accepts it)
2. Log out of playdom and log back in.
3. Click my dashboard, then "Play Now" under gardens of time.

Note the box may still not drop initially. Just keep trying. It will eventually.

Once it appears, click the claim.

Remember. You will not see the gold immediately in your gold counter. You need to either refresh your game again, or sell something from inventory for it to appear.

If NOBODY gets gold... Put in a ticket. There is a server error.

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