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  Tips for the Power Player  
  During the recent blackout of wonders when I was forced to play on, waiting for Playdom to find Lulu. This really drove home the point that playing this game as explained in the tutorial is not necessarily the best way to play.

When it boils down to it, the main goal of the game is to get your reputation high enough to open all scenes and also those that might come in upcoming new chapters for a reasonable amount of time into the future.

Since the game remembers your highest rep to open new scenes, once you have established that HIGH level of rep, you can start to play with your garden making it attractive and interesting to others.

To power play, don't make quests a high priority, or actually ignore them entirely. Instead, concentrate on getting silver by playing, and if need be, replaying scenes and using it to build lots of the highest rep single square items that are available to you. This will quickly increase your rep and your experience level.

Play the newly opened scenes first since they pay back higher silver and experience.

If you are waiting for a scene to open because of build time, you have two choices. Replay the highest scene you have open, or go back and do some quests.

Here is where use of gold comes in. When you start playing save your gold till you have enough to buy open the highest scene in the highest chapter. This scene pay back way more silver and experience than any other. Replay that scene to advance more quickly.

However, remember doing the latter does NOT really get u much in the way of silver or experience as rewards, IF ANY. You WILL win wonders, but at a cost. Many quests require you to go back a number of chapters and spend your energy on a low reward scene.

Worse, many quests require you to spend silver on expensive low rep buildings and artifacts. Silver that could have been better spent building your high rep objects.

Ultimately the cost of the quest may outweigh the benefits. Indeed for the power player, it may be better to do the quests as part of the End Game when you have nothing else to do.

As you progress through the experience levels you will have to start replacing lower rep things you built earlier with the newly available higher rep objects. Sell the old items, or trade some of them for white prints if need be,

Crystal Chapters: Actually these are quite valuable for one reason alone. The buildings are, if u can find the crystals, FAST to upgrade because they only need one material from friends. IF everything is working right you can often get them to level 5 in a day. As such it is prudent to do these challenges for the buildings alone. Totally completing the quest to get the 2 square horse and buggy... not so much. Remember though the scenes themselves don't pay much compared to the higher chapters.

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