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  "The Gold Game". A different way to play.  

I recently added a tip describing the "Maze Game" as being a highly social variant way to play gardens of time. This tip describes yet another way to play that is the opposite, a highly anti-social way to play the game.

Someone recently highlighted this current "feature" of the game software that allows users who have advanced through the game to collect a virtually limitless amount of gold.

I am sure you have all seen the Playdom ranking table which shows you how many points you need to get to a particular status. You likely are also aware that you are awarded gold when you reach certain levels, as shown below.

Points Rank Friends Gold Awarded
0 Serf <2  
30 Citizen 3 +1
400 Aristocrat 4 +1
1,600 Royal Knight or Royal Chevaleresse 5 +1
7,500 Grand Baron or Grand Baroness 6 +1
30,000 Marquess or Marchioness 7 +2
100,000 Grand Duke or Grand Duchess 8 +3
500,000 King or Queen 9 +5
2,000,000 Grand Emperor or Grand Empress 10 +10

You probably didn't pay much attention to the "Friends" column since you likely had 10 friends within about 10 minutes of starting to play the game.

But here is the thing. You can reset your rank by clearing your friends list using the procedure described further on in this tip.

Once you do that, and since your Playdom points stay with you for life, adding just 10 friends back in brings you right back to your original ranking.


You get awarded the bonuses again when you do. What's more, the bonuses are awarded not just in GoT, but ALSO in B&B, and any other game that uses the common friends list and the ranking system for bonuses.

You can repeat the procedure as many times as your boredom level will permit and can accrue basically infinite gold.

HOWEVER: This is extremely unfriendly to other players. Continually friending and unfriending WILL get you noticed and disliked.

Further, my friends list is a carefully crafted list of either people I really like or players that are wonderful energy bouncers. The thought of clearing that list and having to rebuild it stops me from attempting this method.

However, its not for me to judge, just to report what I can verify.

The procedure is as follows.

1. Clear your friend list down to under three friends.
(Use the esc method, if your browser allows it, to do this quickly.)

2. Click a few claims, help them, etc. in the feed
(There is some variance on how this gets triggered. Some say "welcome them" works best but it may just be a delay thing.)

3. Refresh your browser. Your rank, top right, should change to serf. If it doesn't, click some more, and repeat till it does.

4. Log out and in, this will auto generate a friend request in the feed.
NOTE: Doing this procedure during a gold tournament generates LOTS of accepts.

5. Accept up to 10 friends, depending on your points.

6. Refresh... Your rank should have returned and your gold count increased accordingly. If your a king or queen, that's +14 gold, Emperor gets +24!

6. Repeat from step 1.

ATTENTION: Unless the toymaker intentionally left this "feature" in there for us to find, it is highly likely it will disappear very quickly if it goes viral. It is therefore prudent to not talk about it on the feed or in the forum. Further, BE VERY AWARE of the consequences of clearing your friend list.


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