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  How should I spend my gold?  
  After crystals. gold is the most sought after commodity in the game. There are MANY ways to spend gold, some of them pay off, many of them don't.

1. Buy a high level chapter scene.

This is undoubtedly the most beneficial first use of gold. In fact, I'd advice ALL new players to immediately start saving their gold and, when they have enough, buy the HIGHEST level scene in the highest chapter available.

Why? The higher the scene, the more the silver and experience that you get for completing it. That is, whenever you have energy to use and nothing to do with it to progress through the game, maybe because you are waiting for a scene to open or a building to complete, play this bough scene over and over again. You will gain far more silver and experience this way.

2. Buy Crystals.

This seems like a waste for something u get for free, but, if you consider the payback of crystal buildings because of their fast upgrade and resultant reputation, it is highly desirable to complete the upgrades in a single day. If that means buying crystals, then do it. REMEMBER though, buy the crystals in BULK, using the GREEN PLUS SIGN beside crystals in the time machine. Don't use the upgrade now for N Crystals button.

Buy Premium Scenes.

Premium scenes, that is scene 6 in each chapter give you additional buildings and quests you can not get otherwise. However, these scenes are rather expensive. They have been known to come on sale, so you may want to wait for that.

3. Don't Waste Gold On Things You Can Get For Free.

Using gold to open continuation scenes is a waste of gold. Instead concentrate on doing something that gets the next scene open, repeating a scene and building things for the rep required to open the next scene.

Similarly, using gold to upgrade buildings is also a waste unless you are extremely impatient. Use the help requests, set an upgrade schedule to upgrade 1 building to level 5 every four days.

You can use five gold to complete ALL buildings that are currently under construction but only if your REALLY impatient. Also, make sure you have a LOT of buildings pending. If you have 20 it may be worth the gold.

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