Gardens Of Time Tips From TrevorG


  Storing Your Time Machine.  
  Storing your time machine may seem like an odd thing to want to do, but remember, the machine itself takes up four spaces for zero rep and you really don't need it since you can start the scenes using the Adventures icon above the neighbor bar.

The following procedure can be used to store the time machine. Follow each step exactly as described below.

1) Open your garden in 2 separate tabs or windows.

2) In the Left Tab (1st garden), move Time Machine to a different location.

3) Refresh page.

4) In Right Tab (2nd garden), move Time Machine to a DIFFERENT location than where you moved it to in the first garden, then

5) Start a BUILD of something in the empty space where the time machine was.

6) Refresh page.

7) Go back to Left Tab (1st garden) and  move Time Machine back to original location.

8) Refresh page. Time machine should disappear and now be in your inventory.

9) Close Right Tab (2nd garden)


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