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  The Maze Game. A different way to play  
  "I don't use energy, in fact I intentionally throw energy away!"

Ok lets be clear.. I don't throw away energy, in fact as many of you know, I play the energy bouncing game.

However, the other day I had a conversation with another player and was stunned when she uttered the above statement. I could not get my head around the concept. But after much discussion and later pondering, it became clear to me that there is a whole other way to play this game.

In fact, as I found out, there is a whole subculture of players that play this way. Instead of bouncing energy, these players gather friends who bounce mazes.

YES I HEAR YOU NOW.. "But energy is worth far more than mazes!"

But that's not the point.

This group of players has no desire to click away repeatedly at scenes to convert energy into silver. Some do not have the time, others the eyesight, others still just cant handle the boredom.

Further, they have no desire to rapidly advance through levels or reputation. The maze game is a rather more subdued, and perhaps more pleasurable way to play. Instead of banging away at the scenes, players instead take the time to design and layout attractive gardens, and take the time to chat with fellow like minded players via the walls.

Sure the silver accrues a lot slower than bouncing energy, but they are in no hurry.

I'm now at level 100 in both gardens, still bouncing energy and clicking away for some reason that escapes me, and bored to death. This group of players just might be on to something.

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