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  Upgrades, Wonders, and Hold Your Horses.  
  Trying to upgrade a building?
Always see Hold Your Horses?
I think I was playing this game for two weeks before I figured this out.

When you request materials using the ask friends button it starts an 8 hour clock. You can NOT ask again till a couple of minutes after that 8 hours runs out.

But here is the kicker.

When you see Hold Your Horses, the clock resets to another  8 hours.

Use Gotimers to keep track of when you last made a request, or write down the time on a piece of paper and add a few minutes for clock skew, before asking for help again.

Starting a Wonder, or as I like to put it, asking for Lulu to help, follows the same 24 hour rules. However, its a different clock from the one used to do upgrades. You can therefore ask for upgrades and start a wonder in the same 24 hour period.

What Should I Upgrade?

You need to upgrade wisely. The key here is to realize it takes the same amount of material to upgrade a single square item as it does to upgrade a nine square item.

Or more importantly, it takes nine times as much material to upgrade the nine single items that fill the same area as a 3 by 3 building.

Consequently, it is more material efficient to upgrade the bigger buildings rather than try to upgrade all your walls to level 5.

Wonders or Ordinary Buildings.

Personally I Upgrade Wonders first. You cant sell them, so you may as well use your materials to get them to as high reputation as you can.

The down side of this though is that you need to but blue prints in order to upgrade wonders, whereas you can upgrade ordinary buildings with white prints. The latter can be obtained by converting other low rep buildings or some collection items.

The 10 Maximum Limit.

You can have up to 10 of any building material in stock at any one time.

However: This does not mean you can only receive 10 in a day.

For example. If you have 10 of everything and no wood, make a request for help for wood. Now keep refreshing till you see the wood reach 10. You can now upgrade a building or wonder all the way to level 5. You will now be totally our of materials. Next day come back to request materials and you will find the wood should again be at 10.

This is because your request went out to 100 friends. Friends who will respond at different times during the day. When you used the first ten, there were requests still pending.

This is particularly important to remember when upgrading crystal buildings which only need one material. You can, if your playing all day, take that building all the way from zero, to level five, all in one day with one help request, assuming you have enough crystals.


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