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  How To Get Energy.  
  The answer is quite simple really... well i think so anyway.

When you play GoT here your really looking at TWO games at once.

1. The Flash game... The window where you see / play in your garden is actually a flash application all to itself. It communicates with the server to get your current state and info and updates the server when you complete actions.

2. The Javascript Game. This is the REST of your screen where you click on claims, send gifts, etc. etc.

The point is.. The two of them are only loosely connected to one another through the server. When you do something in the Flash part it gets sent to the server and, hopefully, when expected, reappears through the feed.

The same is NOT true the other way around. Things you do in the rest of the screen do not automatically get passed to the flash game.

In order to UPDATE the flash part, you have to reload it.

Hence the refresh.

Still sounds like gibberish to you... Think of it this way...

The garden part is the factory floor. Everything happens there according to procedures and rules. Reports get sent to management...

The feed etc is management. Things happen there, decisions get made etc. But that info doesn't get applied to the factory floor till everyone is retrained. (Refreshed)

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