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Anybody that has ever written a computer program will know that knowing how to write code and actually having something to write are two different things. 

The best way to learn new features and foibles of the targeted operating system is to write something useful and see what works well and what does not.

Well, I guess these little toys are not exactly useful, but they did serve their purpose.

Enjoy !


1. Download the zip files and store to an appropriate folder by clicking on the image or the name of the program.

2. Extract and run the included EXE file.

If you are missing some system files you will get an error when you run the program. 

1. Clicking on the image below to download the needed files. (You should only need to do this once.)

2. Extract the contents of the zip file.

3. Run the extracted "Setup.exe" file and follow the on screen instructions.

vb_banner.jpg (5053 bytes)
(Core Files) (1.39Mb Zip)

Note :

These programs are all free.

 As such there is NO support for any of them.

If you have any complaints then give us a call and you can talk to
 our friendly automated answering service.

$10 a minute
 15 min minimum


Missile Command (Zip File 30kb) ( VB6 ) 
( Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000)

TicTacToe.gif (26110 bytes)Now we are really showing our age. This game originally appeared shortly after Ping in the arcades and always was a lot harder to do than it looked.

Same old game, bombs fall, you fire missiles at them and try to destroy them before they hit the ground.

Difference here is that instead of loosing real estate you get a maximum number of misses (50).

Tic-Tac-Toe (Zip File 510kb) ( VB6 )
( Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000)

TicTacToe.gif (26110 bytes)Ok, so there are a million renditions of this on the web.  This version was actually written as an "Easter egg" for inclusion in more serious applications. However it was such fun to write that we decided to put it here anyway.

The cool thing about the algorithm is that the computer learns from the player. It starts out completely dumb, just playing at random, however, it watches what the player does and learns from that. It is also smart enough to rotate the grid so you may not recognize your own moves. If the player is any good, it learns very quickly. There are, however, four levels of intelligence so you can make it easier if you wish.

The program uses AutoPlay for wins and blocks. You may find this a little confusing to begin with and may wish to set the speed to slow so you can see what it does, but you will find it makes for fast play after a while.

Life (Zip File 29 kb) ( VB6 ) 
( Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000)

TicTacToe.gif (26110 bytes) This was written to simulate the evolution of microbes. It starts of with four dumb microbes on your screen and a whole lot of food particles. As time passes the microbes eat the food, grow and divide. Each time they divide they have the possibility of developing feeding, aggression and fear skills. Since everything is random, each time you run the simulation something different happens. Usually one species will become dominant whilst the others die out. You can change the starting conditions, like life span without food, feed rate, etc and find that evolution takes different paths. Personally I find this program fascinating to watch. Despite the fact that the basic code is quite simple with only a few rudimentary rules, the resulting microbe behavior is remarkably life like.

NOTE : By it's nature this program is highly computational intensive. So, if you are using an aged steam powered PC, you may want to keep the feed rates and initial food level low or it will take forever to run. If you are using a mega-turbo- processor crank away.

Picture Clock (Zip File 11kb) ( VB6 )
 ( Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000)

TicTacToe.gif (26110 bytes)This is a cute little program that permits you to show the picture of your choice overlaid with an LED style analog clock. The outer ring of "LEDs" is seconds, the inner ring is hours. You can change the picture at any time by clicking the right mouse button over the picture. The window resizes to fit the size of the image file.

OH By the way, the picture shown here was taken in St. Andrews Cathedral, in Scotland.

The "Tee" Game (Zip File 206kb) ( VB6 )
 ( Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000)

TicTacToe.gif (26110 bytes)Ok so it's not a Tee its a triangle. The name comes from the fact that this little board game often manifests itself as a simple wooden triangle with golf tees stuck in holes. you play the game by moving one tee at a time, jumping another tee and removing it. The object is to finally leave one single tee. It is actually quite difficult but absolutely possible. It is simple and fun. (We also found that there is a way to leave exactly ten tees. Perhaps you can try that too.)

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