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GoTimers is a simple Microsoft Windows desktop application designed to assist players of Playdom's Garden's Of Time game.

If you play the game then you are aware that there is a requirement to keep track of what time you perform certain actions. Performing the action again before that time runs out results in the time starting over and seriously impedes your ability to play. As a player of the game I wrote this little application to help me play and, in the interest of goodwill amongst players, have made it available free for download here.

How It Works

GoTimers is entirely user driven. The application DOES NOT directly interface with your browser and does not in any way monitor keystrokes and mouse clicks. GoTimers is simply intended to replace paper notes, or your memory, for keeping track of when you did something last.

The tournament monitor/gold alarm does poll the playdom server using the same method as your browser. In order to use this feature you must permit GoTimers to access the internet. You may have to manually adjust your firewall or anti-virus software to facilitate this.

As such, as a user, it falls upon you to remember to click the appropriate buttons at the appropriate times. Failure to do so will result in misleading indications and longer delays.

Program Features

  1. Runs as shown above or as a bottom of screen button bar.
  2. Audible alarm occurs when an action becomes available.
  3. Timers for energy, supply, wonder help requests and guild jump time.
  4. Variable wait times for those lucky enough to be able to use shorter wait times.
  5. Up to five garden IDs supported for the power player.
  6. Gold alarms are available for both Gardens Of Time and B&B.
  7. Keep notes using the notes feature.
  8. One click access to TrevorG's tips page.



  1. Run the program from the desktop shortcut when you start your browser game.
  2. When you successfully request energy, supplies, wonder help or change guilds, click the appropriate button on the GoTimers application.
  3. Wait till that action button turns green before repeating that request.
  4. Click the snooze button to minimize it to your tool tray. It will pop up again if an event comes ready.
  5. To restart GoTimers click on the desktop shortcut or find the application under Start/Programs/AAADBS.

Advanced Usage

  1. If you are lucky enough to have shorter wait times than the game defaults, press ALT while clicking the appropriate button then enter your wait time in minutes in the dialog that pops up. Remember to add a few minutes for server clock skew.
  2. If you play on multiple computers and want to keep the timer information, copy the file GoTimers.bin from your documents folder to the other computer. You will need to carry the file back and forwards if you continually change computers. This is not necessary if you only do the long wait actions , request helps, on a single computer.
  3. If you maintain multiple gardens under different user names GoTimers accommodates this by including up to five timer sets. You can select the current timer set using the dropdown list and name each set at your discretion.


ATTN NORTON USERS: Although this application is guaranteed to be virus free when downloaded from this site, for cost reasons, the application is unsigned. Norton antivirus software is known to prevent installation of and may, without warning, quarantine any unsigned application on your computer. As such, you may need to manually FORCE Norton to ignore this application.

To install the application...

1. Click on the link below.

2. Click on the launch link or install button on that web page
 depending on your browser type.

3. Follow the onscreen instructions as directed.

GoTimers Installation Page

This software is free to you.
 However the developer needs beer money.

This application is free for all.
No guarantees or warrantees exist.
If it doesn't work for you.... SORRY.

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